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芝士雪豹:四川大学博物馆ip形象Works type:Artistic Creation/Movie / 2020-08-19


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这是四川大学博物馆ip形象设计——芝士雪豹的创作视频。雪豹作为博物馆的标本,见证了学者在川西及青藏高原的考古活动。同时,丰富的自然孕育多元包容的历史人文 ,也暗示了四川大学博物馆的综合性高校博物馆的本质。

This is a creative video of the IP image design of the Sichuan University Museum - Cheese Snow Leopard. The snow leopard, as a specimen in the museum, witnessed the archaeological activities of scholars in western Sichuan and the Qinghai Tibet Plateau. At the same time, the rich nature nurtures a diverse and inclusive historical and cultural heritage, which also implies the essence of Sichuan University Museum as a comprehensive university museum.

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